Aiseesoft Total Media Converter

Aiseesoft Total Media Converter is really the all-in-one media converter for multimedia users to convert video/audio files, rip DVD to any other video/audio formats like MPEG, AVI, MOV, FLV, SWF, MP3, AAC and any others for Apple iPod, iPhone, iPad and any other pop devices.
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Add support for ATI Stream technology so AMD/ATI users can have the speed increase as well.

ATI is currently #1 in terms of sales and since Nvidia got out of the chipset business they are also having a higher installed base in non gamer PCs. by adding ATI Steam support you would be able to give ALL those with decent GPUs the ability to...
kevin bennett, 18.02.2011, 08:48
161 votes Vote

Convert either direction any format.

Craig, 18.02.2011, 10:22
133 votes Vote

make dvd files and add a menu to them

remazx, 18.02.2011, 10:37
82 votes Vote

Add support for DVR-MS files. With all the DVB-T TV Topsets using it as their standard format for PVR recordings, DVR-MS compression type is a most-wanted conversion from-to type.

Ted, 18.02.2011, 08:59
71 votes Vote

Make this for MACs

michael, 18.02.2011, 08:40
1 comment
59 votes Vote

make better TRIM function.

trim not I select (movie is too short than selected)
tom, 18.02.2011, 11:22
55 votes Vote

Create option to trim video without having to convert it. We should be able to trim a video without choosing a conversion format. It would save time and make the task easier.

We should be able to trim a video without choosing a conversion format. It would save time and make the task easier and user friendly.
Damon, 18.02.2011, 12:01
49 votes Vote

Add support for blu-ray discs.

Add support for blu-ray discs instead of just dvd's and cd's! Lots of laptops and desktops now days (like mine) have a blu-ray drive or blu-ray burner.
PR0XIDIAN, 18.02.2011, 09:36
47 votes Vote

You need a 'single frame reverse' button in addition to your 'single frame forward' button.

When trying to locate the exact point (frame) to start a cut or end a cut (e.g., for removing a commercial or unwanted scene) you need to add the convenience of a backward frame-by-frame movement as well as your forward frame-by-frame button....
brely, 18.02.2011, 22:27
43 votes Vote

Add a video splitter

Eltoyn, 18.02.2011, 08:54
36 votes Vote

have the program reopen to the settings selected in the previous session (i.e. location to save file and file output type)

Mitch Tate, 18.02.2011, 15:34
32 votes Vote

I am so happy with it!Thank you!

cindy phillips, 18.02.2011, 12:11
1 comment
31 votes Vote

Add option to convert to loosless video

grage, 18.02.2011, 09:47
30 votes Vote

Add support for opening and saving *.ISO files

Often people store DVD rips in ISO format (identical to DVD). Have your program be able to open these directly without requiring an additional layer of using a drive emulator.
Jerry, 19.02.2011, 04:02
28 votes Vote

add a direct youtube converter--both to video and mp3 formats

adding a youtube to mp3/video converter can make this program extremely versatile and if it can also add a "search youtube" bar so we wouldn't have to copy links either, it would be great!
Shak, 18.02.2011, 12:00
24 votes Vote

Considering that it will create to VOB and other authoring exts, why not add authoring and menu creation to it, that would make it complete end to end and I would pay for that kind of setup.

I use DVD Flick and FAVC, AVStoDVD and others converters, then run it thru Shrink DVD and burn with a number of different burners. So making this a complete system and many people who are interested in a a one click system would likely pay for the...
DaveFrSeattle, 19.02.2011, 07:27
1 comment
23 votes Vote

There are zillions video converters on the net, free or for sale. But I would like to have:

1. Lossless trimming and joining 2. Optimum conversion quality, e.g. when I download an flv file and I want to convert it to lets'say an AVI-file, the converter should automatically find for me the AVI-output that comes the closest to the quality...
realrisk2, 18.02.2011, 12:05
21 votes Vote

Add the option to make media file icons from their respective cover art (especially movies!!!)

Add in the capability to drag and drop the desired cover/album art jpeg into the setup so when you convert the file it spits it out with a nice icon, not the first scenes in the movie... I'm tired of having all my movies look the same! This...
Matt C., 18.02.2011, 17:48
20 votes Vote

Add 'Web Optimized' option

Reorders some of the video metadata so you can watch the start of the video while the rest is downloading in the background. This is very important for web playback and for playback on some devices. See Handbrake for example of this option.
Jay H., 18.02.2011, 14:34
17 votes Vote

to create movies that will play on the 3dinlife Multi Media Player

he 3dinlife Multi Media Player ( is a 3D screen that accepts side-by-side pairs, but the only videos that will play are ones processed with a special version of Blaze Video Magic, but this is very limited. I...
Bob Aldridge, 18.02.2011, 10:41
3 votes Vote

Add an option to boost the audio level

Jon, 16.09.2011, 10:28
3 votes Vote

Change your name from Aiseesoft, it's too long and strange sounding

Helen Lapps, 16.09.2011, 13:49
3 votes Vote

be able to do a 2 pass encode to improve end results

Alrock, 16.09.2011, 21:00
1 comment
2 votes Vote

Excellent,, fast and very comprehensive, a must for all your media conversion, and even supports blackberry/android!!

Jason, 18.02.2011, 10:10
2 votes Vote

Allow quality based encoding!

joe, 18.02.2011, 17:01
2 votes Vote

Compatible with Snow Leopard

krystal Mitchell, 18.02.2011, 18:13
2 votes Vote

be able to convert my family video files but keep original "Date modified" not altered!!!

israel365, 18.02.2011, 20:15
2 votes Vote

More flexible bitrate options instead of predefined ones and be able to set the output file size i.e 900MB Xvid etc.

I tried to get a bitrate that will allow for a nice sized file and good quality. but gave me predefined 1500k or 2000k etc. why cant you change it to user defined settings. or allow us to type in the desired output file size.
G, 18.02.2011, 21:45
2 votes Vote

Include Movie Fix-Up tools Plus 3D Conversion Options

I took a movie clip that worked and tried to convert it avi and it only converted the 1st 3 seconds because the file was partially damaged but playable in it's original state. The Inclusion of a file fix would be appreciated plus more support of...
Joe G, 16.09.2011, 14:30
2 votes Vote

Add Support for converting from Audible file format to MP3, AAC, AC3, etc.

Dennis Johnson, 16.09.2011, 14:48

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