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Considering that it will create to VOB and other authoring exts, why not add authoring and menu creation to it, that would make it complete end to end and I would pay for that kind of setup.

I use DVD Flick and FAVC, AVStoDVD and others converters, then run it thru Shrink DVD and burn with a number of different burners. So making this a complete system and many people who are interested in a a one click system would likely pay for the upgrades. I already use a number of Aiseesoft tools, heck if you go that far include a burner or a hook to a burner.

DaveFrSeattle , 19.02.2011, 06:27
Idea status: under consideration


DaveFrSeattle, 17.09.2011, 06:53
I would also pay for this program if you added authoring. Contact me if you do.

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